love for london

So I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post tonight, simply because I didn’t have one scheduled to go up today, but there’s a very important topic I wanted to speak on… hatred.

One thing that every single person in my life knows is that I’m a huge advocate for anti-bullying. I hate bullying. I hate anything that shows discrimination towards anyone no matter what it regards, rather it be the color of their skin, gender, race, sexual orientation, abilities, mental illnesses, sexual preference, disabilities, ANYTHING. Anyone who has ever spoken to me would be the first to tell you that I NEVER use any derogatory speech or actions. I guess I’ve always been passionate about loving one another.

Here’s a little backstory on me. I’m a African-American female who was adopted into a Catholic/Greek Orthodox family. I grew up in a very small predominately Caucasian town in Wisconsin. My mom was a teacher at a all white catholic school, and so of course I went there. I specifically remember that there were three boys who grew up in a white supremacist family and would constantly call me every derogitory and racial name in the book, and of course I didn’t understand why. Keep in mind this was the fourth grade. And so one day I asked my (soon to be) parents why they adopted a N****r, because at that point I assumed that all Caucasian people were like these three boys, and the answer they gave to me stuck, they said “Charity, we don’t see color. Black, white, or purple, you’re apart of this family and you’re our daughter.”

Growing up I always knew my history and I always knew that there were going to be people who wouldn’t like me because of things I couldn’t change, but I never expected it to happen at such a young age.

I’ve grown up a lot since the 4th grade but it seems to me that the rest of the world hasn’t.

I woke up feeling extremely saddened by everything that’s going on in the world. I mean it’s pride month and there are so many LGBTQ people who are so terrified to be themselves. The events in London over the past few weeks have just saddened my heart immensely. We live in a world where these terrorists attacks are basically happening every other week. And it’s so easy for people to place a blame on a certain group of people, when in reality it’s every single one of us who place that blame and strike panic and fear within ourselves and others. It’s so hard to portray such a positive lifestyle when there is so much suffering going on in other corners of the world.

Not only do I want to use my platform to spread positivity and self love, I also want to use this a resource for showing compassion, love, equality, and peace for everyone. I don’t expect the world to change over night, but I truly hope that this post can help at least one person to realize that something has to change.

Standing together in peace, love, and acceptance is a major first step.

My heart goes out to families and victims affected by the Manchester Arena Bombing, the London stabbing, and today’s London Bridge terror attack.

If you want anymore information regarding these events I’ll leave links below.

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