friday 5

Hey guys! Today I’m doing a Friday Five. I used to call them Weekly Top 5 posts but I’ve just renamed them. If you’re not familiar with Friday Fives, I basically just talk about a few things that have inspired me or that I’ve been been loving throughout the week. They range from beauty to fashion to world events.

  1. Recently I’ve been reallllllly into the more girly and luxurious lifestyle, mainly because I’ve been obsessing over Lydia Millen. She’s literally so gorgeous and has such a pretty style, but CRAZY expensive taste. Her and her fiance Ali are so adorable and I love to watch her videos of her living it up all over the UK. I also love catching up on her blog.


  2. For a shoe favorite of the week, I’m OBSESSED with the Givenchy Logo Slides. They’re honestly everything. They’re so pricey for slides but I honestly think they’re so worth it because they’re so pretty. I honestly plan on purchasing them next Friday before I travel back to Wisconsin because I love them. I also really love the Gucci Princetown Slipper but I have to wait awhile before I can get them because they’re literally $700.


  3. Makeup Favorite of the week is my NYX Lip Lingerie in Cabaret Show. It’s such a pretty mauve brown that goes super well with my skintone. I’m wearing it in both of the images below.


  4. Fashion wise, I’m loving the Are You Am I – Tiiu Tops – specifically the red one. The only problem is that I can’t seem to get myself to pay over $100 dollars for a crop top. They’re so cute though. I first saw Eva wearing it and now everyone has one.


  5. My final favorite of the week was definitely GIRLBOSS. I’m positive that everyone has read the amazing book by Sophia Amoruso, and if you haven’t… wyd??? Anyway, I’m not talking about the book, I’m talking about the Netflix Original Series GIRLBOSS, starring Britt Robertson. It’s so funny and it’s soooooo good. If you haven’t watched it, it’s loosely based on Amoruso’s life and it’s amazing. Extremely inspirational and motivational.

Alright guys. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

Xox – Char

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