life lately + hbd bff

Hey guys. So it’s no secret that I’ve been gone for awhile… a longggg while. After what seems like the WORST start to a year possible, I can confidently say I’m back and better than ever.

2016 was easily one of the hardest and most testing years for everyone, and I fell right into the stress of 2016 with everyone else. I was so confident that 2017 was going to be MY year and that I was going to be the best me yet, HA.

I really try to look on the bright side of everything in life and stay positive, but when I say the first few months of 2017 has completely taken its toll on me I’m not exaggerating. I remember I’d gotten into a pretty minor car accident in late February and I was on the phone with one of my great friends just crying because I hadn’t gotten a break… from anything. I can say that I put myself in some of the most trying predicaments and I dug a hole for myself that I couldn’t get out of, at least it felt that way. I started doing things that weren’t the best for me and I turned away from the person I knew and became someone I didn’t recognize one bit. I started gaining weight and I was miserable. I distanced myself from all of my friends, who I am so grateful for because they stuck by my side during a more challenging part of my life. And then something happened.

I remember this night clearly. I was crying because I didn’t know who I was anymore and someone who I wasn’t close with at all and who I didn’t really get along with sent me the most heartwarming message ever. I wasn’t expecting her to say such kind words to me nor was I expecting to find my best friend. Alona, I am so grateful that you took out the time to send such a meaningful message. I am forever grateful for you. I love your attitude and how you’re such a carefree person. I’m so excited to wish this sweet best friend of mine a (early) HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY. I’m so glad that we have our countless Sonic drive in nights and jam outs in the Dodge. I’m so lucky to have such a crazy best friend who puts up with me at all times. I wouldn’t want to take posed “off guards” and eat a ridiculous amount of food with anyone else. Thanks for being my other half.

ANYWAYS, after that night I changed. Junior year is FINALLY over and I’m so excited to tackle this summer with my amazing friends and SENIOR YEAR. I can’t wait for ya’ll to read all about it! See ya soon 🙂


ps. yall wish my AMAZING best friend a happy birthday!

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